The game stipulates that the player’s resurrection mechanism is clearly defined. Seven days and nights in Kyushu Continent are used as a cycle unit. In each cycle, players have three resurrection opportunities. Regardless of whether they are used or not, they will be reset in the next cycle.

There are too few times, experience is deducted upon death, and the unreasonable resurrection mechanism has attracted numerous criticisms.
Lu Bei’s move of thunder from the sky did not seem to cover a large area, but in fact he took advantage of the power of the Emperor of Heaven to directly erase the number of resurrections of all players in a cycle, regardless of whether they were dead or not, and they were all offline for a week.
There is no other meaning, just to give the players a little shock of the Emperor of Heaven.
He dared to laugh when someone was having fun, he really regarded himself as a person, thinking that he had abandoned the scriptures!
If I can’t deal with the Abandonment Sutra, I can’t deal with you?
Xiao Fengxian blinked on the spot, surprised that her old village did not resurrect in three seconds, and stared at the handful of ashes on the ground, lost in thought.
What’s going on? This old guy is secretly looking for someone to PK outside to fight in the field without telling me about it?
A string of question marks floated across Xiao Fengxian’s forehead, and she asked if she didn’t understand: “Now, my wise, powerful, tall and handsome master, why do these reincarnated immortals die when they die instead of coming back to life?”
This kid’s mouth is sweet when he touches it, and he is particularly good at licking.
/Lu Bei saw that she was honest and honest, and did not understand any flattery. He said happily: “My teacher is the emperor of the three realms. He rules the three realms and summons all spirits.”
“The reincarnated immortals are also within the scope of being a master. Without my permission, they cannot survive within seven days.”
Not to mention the shock on Xiao Fengxian’s face, Lu Bei tried a little and once again confirmed that the personal panel was closely related to the way of heaven. If he guessed correctly, Blue Star and the starry sky where Blue Star was located had been torn up by the Great Heavenly Lord long before the Heavenly Book. He had been targeted by Tiandao before.
If the Great Heavenly Lord had not torn up the Heavenly Book back then, Blue Star would have already become a part of the Nine Provinces Continent.
He was very curious about how Blue Star would integrate into the Three Realms system of the Nine Provinces Continent.
Is it that the Three Realms as a whole transcend and are higher than the Blue Star, or is it that Mars collides with the Earth, and the area of ??the Blue Star expands and merges into the human world?
It seems a bit redundant. Jiuzhou Continent has neither population nor land. In terms of area, it is much larger than Blue Star. Wu Zhou alone is even more vast than the country with the largest area in Blue Star.
The total area of ??Wuzhou,