path trodden by sages from all over the world through thorns.

As for the name Yuanshi, it is to pay tribute to the Yuanshi King who opened the way out of chaos.
If you want to achieve the beginning, you must first cross the other shore and then achieve the ultimate path.
In the end, there is the road to achieving Yuanshi.
Not to mention the road to the beginning, if you want to take the road to the other side, many methods have been developed in the heavens and the world.
The details are a mystery that is not passed down by each family.
For example, the method of enlightenment through incense in heaven, the method for enlightenment through laws, the method for enlightenment through personality, etc.
That is to first cultivate the Taoist body through various methods, and then take the path of Yuanshi.
In fact, from Zhang Jian’s perspective, this is a very special path to enlightenment.
Very distinctive.
It is not limited to one category, and each realm is closely related to the Tao Lord’s own practice.
If the Tao Lord is willing, his own path can even be divided into countless realms.
This is actually more in line with Daojun’s way of practice.
After all, the direction of each Dao Lord’s practice is different.
It is impossible to practice in the same way and ultimately achieve the supreme path and fruition through the same path.
However, although the realms are different, the intuitive expression of cultivation and combat power still generally adheres to the many rough realms divided by the void in the sky.
Taking the first path may be more convenient for Zhang Jian, and the conditions can even be considered unique.
Deep down, Zhang Jian prefers the second path.
Only by walking your own unique path can you step into the door of truth and achieve the supreme path and fruition.
Although the method of killing three corpses is extensive and profound, he believes that it is more helpful to his own Taoism and combat power. In fact, the improvement of Taoism still depends on the second path.
But sometimes Zhang Jian thought about it carefully, and maybe the information he got from many Dao Lords might not be completely correct.
The spread method of killing three corpses may not be so shallow.
Perhaps this is not the method of enlightenment at all, but a supreme method to strengthen one’s own origin or combat power. As his core, the method of enlightenment has not been spread and is still among the three religions.
After considering many considerations, Zhang Jian finally decided to take the second path.
/However, there is no need to give up on the method of killing three corpses.
The three corpses he chopped out can strengthen his origin and foundation, and can also cultivate a supreme magic method for all heavens and worlds, transforming three pure things into one qi. Who can give up such a supreme method?
Just think of it as a practice similar to the nine-turn chaotic green lotus transformation method.
Of course, it was still too early for him to say this.
Only when Da Luo is perfect can he prac