keys will bite the bullet and not let it go.

“I have decided to be alone.”
Ji Longcheng strode into the golden portal and said without looking back: “This is my wish. We can just act as instructed. He knows what he is doing. I believe he will not harm us.”
Kunlun Immortal was noncommittal. Even so, he still felt that the main body had made a bad move.
“Amitabha, the human emperor has arrived, but it is difficult to welcome him from afar. I am polite to you, the young monk.”
Zhengqing is the master of the ancient Zongchen. He holds the Buddha’s soldiers to guide the gods. He has good Buddhist practice and is also a rare tall donkey in the Paradise. He is currently responsible for extradition and other work. In the future, the Paradise will turn virtual into reality, and the size will be the same. A high-level establishment.
Well, in this way, the future Buddha position will be valuable for planning.
Lu Bei also has plans in the Western Sect. The second leader, Zhunti, has a high status only under the leadership of the Grand Leader. He has contributed a lot and is a major contributor to the establishment of the Western Sect.
In addition, Ksitigarbha, the king of the underworld, intervenes in reincarnation to ensure that the six paths of Western teaching are perfect and his status is unshakable. Even the great leader must be courteous when he is introduced.
Ji Longcheng knew this very well. As an invincible person, he knew very well what the consequences of one religion and two masters would be.
Maybe everything is fine for now, but in the future
There must be a dispute between the two leaders.
Ji Longcheng smiled slightly. He was not afraid that both of you would be invincible, but that you two would work together. Today he came to pay homage to the great leader, using his body as a human emperor to pray for the future Buddha. The past, present and future could be united into one, the great leader. There is no reason to refuse.
Things didn’t go as smoothly as expected.
Ji Longcheng met Gu Zongchen in a Zen monastery. The latter was sitting cross-legged under the bodhi tree. His eyes were bright and his teeth were not stained by dust. Although he looked young, he had a simple artistic conception of a powerful monk.
Seeing this person is like seeing a Buddha statue with three thousand stars and moons in it.
/“Human Emperor Jifa, Lord Buddha is polite.”
Ji Longcheng saluted, and the smile on his face became thicker. The great leader was full of momentum, and he was not at all indifferent. He didn’t know if his cultivation was insufficient or he was doing it deliberately.
But no matter which one, it shows that this person is unwilling to be inferior to others.
You’ve come to the right place!
“The poor monk came to guide me and met the Human Emperor.”
Gu Zongchen floated up, landed on the lotus platform, pushed out a cup of green tea with one hand, and one leaf hung on the water, slowly sinking.
Ji Longcheng took it with one hand, took a sip, and praised: “Good tea. I know I have no cup and no water in