louds, revealing a figure dressed in white.

“Hey, isn’t this the Mahayana monk Taifu? Why, my son asked you to guard the empty room alone?”
Hu Er secretly screamed, if the prediction was correct, he would be able to see Lu Bei as soon as he turned his head.
There were ripples in the water on the ground, and Lu Bei probed his head: “Hey, isn’t this my mother? What a coincidence, you are also going to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Monsters?”
3.0 Changes in Heaven and Earth
The number of people returning home doubled, and Hu Er was happy but a little depressed at the same time.
She was happy that her godson and daughter-in-law did not regard her as an outsider and shared her difficulties. They had to protect her even though they had traveled thousands of miles. They were sad that their escape plan had failed. From a sure win to a joke.
Hu Er has no habit of suffering losses and does not wait overnight for revenge, so he immediately took revenge on the culprit.
/Fox three.
There is no way, who told him to be his biological child!
Poor Hu San was knocked down by the magic of charm, and he was in a daze in his dream. As soon as he dreamed that he was wearing a yellow robe, the imperial guard with a sword in front of him became an assassin with a sword.
After a scream, Hu San woke up. In his dream, he was disemboweled and his head hurt when he woke up.
Hu Er put away his fists, walked towards the Taifu with a half-smile, raised his hand to catch the wind, sniffed and said: “It’s strange, the Taifu has such a strong smell on his body, don’t leave these days, I haven’t finished talking yet! ”
Taifu didn’t bother to explain to Hu Er that he was just a little demon in the tribulation stage and didn’t understand what cultivation was at all.
This is what cultivating immortality is like.
The Taifu knew that she had fallen, not only her body but also her heart was dirty, but now that she was a Mahayana monk, she had the qualifications and confidence to despise Hu Er.
Hu San rubbed the back of his head and followed Lu Bei in three steps at a time: “Why is Mr. Taifu also here? The plan has changed?”
“I made a small temporary change.”
“It’s inappropriate. She is from the human race and has no demonic aura about her. If she goes to the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, she will only make enemies on all sides.”
“It doesn’t matter, I will make her full of evil spirit tonight.”
/Lu Bei shrugged. He had the ability to unite heaven and man. He could imitate the aura of the demon clan and be even more demonic than the demon. If he asked the master to take a few hot bites, the demonic aura would come.
Considering that the Taifu is very capable with his hands, Bingshan Lian would rather die than speak. The most he can do is put a facial mask on the other person.
Don’t tell me, I’m still a little excited when I think about it.
The two brothers made jokes and had a disagreement over the issue of seniority. Lu Bei knocked down the Taifu into the mortal world. The superior fairy mastered a craft. Even th