e the deep meaning of Qi.

His expression lightened: “At this point, you still miss Zhao Qin. If it weren’t for you and me, we each have our own destiny. I really don’t want to fight with you as a brother.”
“Brother Shi, are you serious about what you said?” Jiang Suxin asked with a smile.
It’s fake. Jiang Li always dreamed of defeating Jiang Suxin.
/Even once.
Jiang Suxin stopped teasing, and said with a straight face: “In today’s battle, I, the king, can make an oath. I will not sin as much as my parents, and I will not cause harm to my wife and children. Life and death are only between us.”
“I am also willing to swear an oath!”
Jiang Li responded sternly: “If anyone insults his parents, wife and children, I will chase him to the end of the world and make his soul fly away.”
“With Brother Shi’s words, I will feel relieved.”
/Jiang Suxin waved forward: “Please!”
After the two of them finished speaking, the ups and downs of the chessboard of heaven and earth were unclear.
A square small world was born, with the yin and yang swimming fish as the center, and the positions were placed according to the Eight Diagrams. The Mahayana period of the royal family was white, and the soldiers and horses of Yan Wang were black.
Heizi attacks first, and King Yan attacks first.
Jiang Li looked around. The majestic city was endless, sitting north and looking south, commanding the east and west.
In the center of the majestic building complex, the White Stone Avenue stretches straight, reaching the city within the city. The water of the moat turns into liquid, and the white clouds build the bridge. It is magnificent and full of fairy spirit.
In the capital of Zhaoqin, the city within the city is the imperial city, and the moon in the mirror of the majestic city is a concrete projection of a large formation.
Jiang Li recognized this place at a glance, looked at Chang Wenyuan and Zuo Ziyue beside him, frowned and said: “Jiang Suxin, do you not want to live anymore, or am I so miserable in your eyes?”
In the planned plan, the three relied on all their teammates to work hard to cover and strive for a three-on-one victory.
Unexpectedly, before they took action, Jiang Suxin took the initiative to send herself in front of them, which made Jiang Li unable to bear it.
He was restrained everywhere, with Jiang Suxin walking in front of him every step of the way. Even though victory was within easy reach, it still made him feel uncomfortable.
This is not what he wants, and he won’t be happy if he wins.
“Why do you say this, brother? You have to fight this king alone to be satisfied?”
Jiang Suxin told Jiang Li to break his guard with one word, and before the latter could turn red and speak harshly, he continued: “The four of us are the main players in this battle. The victory or defeat of others is not important, and I have no intention of letting them decide Zhao Qin’s future. That being the case, why procrastinate rather than resolve it quickly?”
“That before you”
“The royal family has no plans and is in the way