ncreased to the greatest extent.

At this time, if an ordinary Taoist follows the path of rules, he is afraid that if he meets him, he will be suppressed by the rules of the heaven and earth that he contains, and become a doll in the hands of the Emperor of Heaven.
Taoists who follow other paths of enlightenment may be stronger and able to resist a little or two.
/Only Taoist masters who have succeeded in their path to enlightenment can minimize this impact.
But even if you take the road of self-certification, you may still be in despair when facing the Heavenly Emperor’s Heavenly Dao Divine Realm that blocks the true world of immortality.
Within the realm of Heavenly Dao, the Emperor of Heaven is almost the Heavenly Dao in the shadows and is omnipotent.
Other Taoists are within the realm of heaven, and are not much different from ordinary vegetation.
Thinking about themselves, many Taoists knew that if they met the Emperor of Dongyang, they would probably be dealt with after just a few encounters.
But after Emperor Dongyang revealed his heavenly realm, he also missed it!
Moreover, the appearance of the divine tree in the heaven was also penetrated.
All Taoist Masters have some speculations in their minds.
At the same time, there is another concept in my mind.
I am afraid that this new Inspector Tianzun has really embarked on the path to becoming the most powerful person.
In the Immortal Palace, Emperor Dongyang had a sullen face.
The huge Heavenly Emperor’s throne is golden in color, but there is a green line in the center. It looks like it was made from the heart of a sacred tree. It sits high above the Heavenly Emperor’s throne, and can also overlook everything in the True World of Immortality.
In the past, Emperor Dongyang was proud of this.
As time goes by, it is inevitable that a perspective that is close to the way of heaven will develop.
You will be at the top of the mountain, and you will have a panoramic view of the mountains.
But at this time, my mentality was inevitably a little shocked, and I felt like a big mountain appeared above my head again.
The mountain pressed against his sky.
There are three words on that big mountain.
“The most powerful one!”
Compared to other Taoists, he was more certain that Zhang Jian had probably already walked the path to becoming the most powerful person.
Rather than just attaining a certain extraordinary level as he thought before.
Otherwise, why would it be so terrifying and tyrannical!
Even his realm of heaven was broken.
In addition, the opponent seemed to be extremely familiar with the mysteries of Heaven’s Way, and easily cut off his Hedao state and forced him out of it.
On the throne of the Emperor of Heaven, the face of Emperor Dongyang keeps changing.
After counting everything in detail afterwards, he became more and more frightened.
It seemed that as he re-deduced and recalled this battle, the fog on the other side became more and more confusing.
For example, if the other party can easily break through his Hedao secret method, doesn’t