has a poor man’s bankrupt version of the Yin and Yang cylinder.

This has a great advertising effect and can lure players into the trap to the maximum extent. Once successful, the leek garden will inevitably have continuous green shade.
How to operate it specifically? Lu Bei has already created a folder. When he studies the Shuangxuan Treasure Map in more depth, he can extract the Yin and Yang Qi and store it separately.
The future is promising.
As for the method of in-depth study of the Dual Mysteries Treasure Map, it is simple to say, just be diligent in dual cultivation, instead of fishing for three days and drying the net for two days.
Three days passed by in a flash, and it was that time of night again.
/Lu Bei quietly came to the old place and dialed Jing Ji’s Qianli Talisman. Before he could contact him, Jing Ji broke through the void and walked out calmly with a faint smile.
“Keep your voice down, sisters have to go to work tomorrow!”
Jing Ji’s smile froze, feeling that Lu Bei did it on purpose. He didn’t want to be self-respecting and even pulled him into the water.
The two of them changed scenes and came to the rooftop where they talked last time.
/“So exaggerated?”
Lu Bei raised his eyebrows and saw that it was a replica of the jade slip. He didn’t take it seriously. He felt that Jing Ji was deceiving him with lies again, but seeing Jing Ji’s cautious attitude, he immediately became interested.
He raised his hand and touched the jade slip, and a clear and sweet message sounded in his ears.
[You came into contact with [Heavenly Book·Fragmentary Scroll], did you spend 30,000 skill points to learn it? ]
[You have received the task [Reorganizing the Heavenly Book]]
[Task description: According to legend, on the day when the sky collapsed and the earth fell, a god stole the Book of Heaven and broke it into pieces. Since then, the laws of the world have been in chaos, and the rules of the world have been blurred. It is also rumored that there are many fragments of the Book of Heaven, scattered in all walks of life with no known destination. Are you willing to accept the great task of reviving the Book of Heaven? ]
[Main mission: Collect, every time you find a fragment of the Book of Heaven, you will be rewarded with 10 E experience]
[Whether to accept? ]
Lu Bei: (°_°)
What the hell, he is just a monk in the Void Refining Realm, a young and cute young man who has practiced for less than a year. Is it really appropriate to give him such a task?
Also, a broken book costs 30,000 skill points, and his whole body is only 15,000 points in total. Even if he has the qualifications, he can’t practice it!
Finally, I have accepted the mission and found a fragment of the scroll. It has one billion experience points. Why not give it to him?
“Good nephew? Good nephew!!”
“Ah, here I am, not distracted.”
Lu Bei came back to his senses, took a deep breath, and his thoughts sank into the jade slip again.
The origin of the Heavenly Book is extraordinary, and it is not something that