f killing Lexian, the six of them, including the great elder, would not be enough to watch, and would be just a chore.

The sword pillars in the sky dispersed, but the sword intention remained.
The black and white beam of light flashed past, and the broken little world came back with a vengeance.
Lu Bei stood with a sword in his hand. There was no trace on his body. His pale body had many injuries and bones could be seen. As the thick green light enveloped him, his seriously injured body healed quickly.
It didn’t hurt the soul. The old guy really had some scruples. Is it Jing Ji?
Lu Bei made a guess in his mind and looked at Zhan Lexian with a smile: “Great sword formation, let’s do it again!”
“Where did you learn the innate sword body?”
Zhan Lexian frowned and saw that Lu Bei was just smiling and had no intention of answering. He stopped asking any more questions. His eyes glowed with white light and he activated another sword skill.
The sword formation was impossible. He was also a sword cultivator, and he knew very well that Lu Bei relied on his hands to sharpen the sword body.
“Four Styles: Sword Prison.”
Thunder shook, and the stream of sword rain impacted in all directions. Four substantial giant swords rushed to the southeast and northwest, pointing to the sky and cutting off the void.
The cold light dimmed the atomized sword energy, and the Great Prison was formed. It instantly cut off Lu Bei’s connection with the small world and isolated him in the prison.
The sword energy is vertical and horizontal, and the murderous intent is boundless.
Zhan Lexian didn’t say anything nonsense. He opened the void with his sword and reached out to pull out several chains.
At the end of the chain, Zhu Jingting, Zhu Qike, Zhu Qiming, and the head of the Purple Light Sword Sect, Gu Zixin, were imprisoned respectively. As for other unrelated people, Zhan Lexian didn’t even look at them, and had no idea whatsoever.
Lu Bei was shocked. After breaking through the Void Refining Realm, he had his small world divided for the first time. Seeing that Rou Piao was about to be successfully rescued, he ignored the trembling in his heart and controlled the Double Mysterious Treasure Map to hide in the depths of the void.
The five elements and five images alternated, and the five-color light pillars rose from the ground, bombarding the weakest part of the sky in the sword prison.
/boom! ! !
There was a loud noise, and Jian Yu didn’t move at all.
The golden light in Lu Bei’s eyes skyrocketed, and he shouted loudly at the same time. He raised his sword high and pointed at the full moon hanging in the sky.
The innate sword body turned pale and lit up with metallic luster, and the immortal sword intention it carried burst out. Between the sky and the earth, two scorching white light pillars reflected each other. Under the impact from inside and outside, they were able to smash the blockade of the sword prison.
This guy is also in the integration stage, is he a little too strong?
If the grandfather of the Zhan family is so po