g goes, one learns from every experience. Zhu Bo experienced the loss and recovery of the Four-Four Universe Bag, so he should learn from it. He didn’t, so he was wrong.

Zhu Boyu quickly finished reciting the formula and taught Lu Bei how to operate the compass. Finally, he couldn’t bear it anymore and said: “Brother Lu, forget about the banknotes in my Qiankun bag. That magic weapon is related to my life. Take it and use it, but remember to return it to me.” ”
“Uh, I just want to ask.”
Lu Bei blinked and said cheekily: “Can that fan be lost? For example, I met Aunt Snake and fought with her for 300 rounds. After fighting for 300 rounds, I accidentally left the fan somewhere in the cave. , the kind that can never be found again.”
“My father’s relic.”
Lu Bei sighed. It was a family heirloom. If he had known about it, he would not have said anything.
Ask again after losing it.
/“Also, I have a few words of experience here. My predecessors paid for it with their blood. Brother, you should keep it in mind. Especially when you are taking treasures, don’t be careless and lose your life in vain.”
Zhu Bo was still uneasy and warned:
“Step lightly, as if walking on thin ice,
Move fast and take big strides.
The mind and hand must be accurate, the mind must be calm and calm,
You should look straight, in the dead of night. ”
“It makes sense, but it’s wrong. What did you say in the last sentence?”
Lu Bei nodded repeatedly, and suddenly realized that the last sentence didn’t sound right. What kind of senior is this? He really ruined the whole article with one sentence. Those who knew it were going to the tomb, and those who didn’t knew thought they were digging into the widow’s house!
“Calm, and I mean calm.”
“That’s pretty much it.”
Lu Bei nodded: “As expected of you, you always do the same thing.”
On the other hand, She Zhang was injured by Lu Bei’s critical attack. Shocked by his fierce fighting spirit, she retreated in defeat and hid in a stone room that was probably an alchemy room to lick her wounds.
After recuperating for a while, no pursuers came. She Zhang was secretly upset and blamed himself for being too cautious.
Lu Bei was at the end of his strength and could not be cruel for long. She was just scaring herself. If she had stayed to fight for a while, she would have been able to fight back and kill him in one fell swoop.
What a pity. What a great opportunity.
There is no regret medicine in the world. After She Zhang recovered from her injuries, she decided to go back and repair the wound to prevent the remnants from leaving endless troubles.
Arriving at the entrance of the Buddha’s Faced Golden Spider Cave, She Yan pondered for a moment, then a cautious mind prevailed, and he arranged a poisonous smoke array at the entrance, and then scattered ox-hair poisonous needles along the way.
/“The opportunity for bloodline advancement is right in front of us. There is no need to take risks. What if they also set up a trap and I have no help to help me. If I rush in, I will be seeking death,” She