od and pulled everyone down to a special position in the void. Zhang Jian always had trouble operating the Yang Shen. His consciousness followed him to join in the fun.

Zhang Jian was flashing with strange colors at this time, and at the same time, he was thinking about how to break through such a void-like immortal method if he encountered it.
/But in an instant Zhang Jian shook his head.
There are also types of Void Yuan Shen Immortal Methods. Some are simply field-control inner Immortal Methods, creating an absolute home field for themselves. Only a small number of top Yuan Shen Immortal Methods have the ability to absolutely control and oppress.
His Mountains and Rivers Sheji Diagram is essentially a similar large-scale spell, and it will be even more terrifying once it is formed.
On the ancient battlefield, as Zhang Jian exerted his magic power, many ancient war spirits were gradually transformed.
Zhang Jian was about to take over the Qinglian Dharma Realm, but in the blink of an eye his eyes flashed.
But in a corner of the ancient battlefield, a blood-red light gradually filled in, and a moment later a figure was seen condensing.
It seems that someone is taking advantage of the real battle between the digital souls outside and is preparing to sneak into the ancient battlefield to make a fortune.
This figure was full of blood, revealing a strong evil aura.
He also held a long bloody flag in his hand, which was a graceful figure.
“Nine Sons Ghost Mother?”
Zhang Jianyang was shrouded in divine consciousness, but in the blink of an eye, he took action with all his strength. The Qinglian Soul Purifying Mantra condensed into a magnificent Qinglian Dharma Realm to isolate the surrounding void, and he grabbed it and took it away!
Countless salvation scriptures and cultures are chanting and praising one after another in the void.
When this graceful figure saw this scene, her face changed drastically.
Just as Zhang Jian thought, this figure is the Nine Sons Ghost Mother.
However, she was extremely cunning and found a way to escape from the Void Realm, preparing to take advantage of the battle between everyone to devour the fighting souls from the ancient battlefield of Taiye Pond to increase her magic power.
But he never thought that he would be attacked as soon as he showed up.
Chapter 268: Sneak Attack
“Is there still an ambush from the real Yuanshen here?”
This thought just flashed through the mind of the ghost mother, and in an instant she was passively plunged into a special state of purity and bliss. In this state, all worries, calculations, and all kinds of evil thoughts were eliminated, leaving only liberation and transcendence. of purity and joy.
But as an experienced Zuo Dao Yuan Shen with fighting skills, the Ghost Mother was still prepared.
In her body, another natal magic weapon was naturally inspired, and countless black lines flowed out like ripples around her body.
It was as if the sounds of millions of ghosts crying and howling wolves could be heard within the ripples.
But she saw