was yelling loudly at this time, and the sharp and shrew-like curses came from it.

“Huangmao boy, do you dare to destroy your mother’s soul?”
Zhang Jian’s expression remained unchanged, but a green lotus spell was condensed and formed, and penetrated deep into the eyebrows of the ghost incarnation. The green lotus divine light continued to flow, suppressing it first.
Zhang Jian’s eyes changed, and he did not immediately try to transform this Taoist ghost.
After all, the essence of the other party is the incarnation of a Left Dao Yuanshen. It is the essence of the Yuanshen. It is not easy to transform.
This takes time.
He now has to rush to the next battlefield and transfer all the war spirits in other battlefields.
He felt that this was also the opportunity for the Qinglian Soul Purifying Curse to advance to the soul level.
It will be much easier to wait for the Qinglian Purifying Curse to advance to the soul level and transform ghost-like souls.
“National Master, let’s go to the next ancient battlefield!”
The green lotus fell, and Zhang Jian’s green clothes emerged. At this time, the Yang God was covered with the appearance of the Qinglian Tianzun, and a rich aura of compassion appeared in his eyes.
Seeing Zhang Jian’s showy appearance, Taoist Jingming was slightly stunned, took a deep breath, and said quickly.
At this moment, he finally understood why Master Yin Eclipse respected Zhang Jian so much.
/The method he practices is completely the nemesis of all kinds of ghosts.
“My son-in-law!”
At this time, deep in the Xishu Mountains, around a huge ancient battlefield, the beautiful woman in black, the Nine Sons Ghost Mother, suddenly let out a sharp roar. There was a chill in her eyes, and she glanced at Poison Dragon Pass fiercely. direction.
She felt that the ghosts she had left to ambush on the Dulongguan battlefield lost contact in an instant and were suppressed.
This change made her shocked and angry.
I was also extremely alert in my heart.
Her sub-ghosts themselves are also part of the nine-sub-ghost mother soul. They have cultivated into a special ghost mother soul. She has nine incarnations of the sub-ghost souls. The sub-ghosts also possess the essence of the heavenly ghost and can easily tear apart the void and escape. No trace.
It stands to reason that even if you encounter the real Yuanshen, there is still hope of hiding or escaping.
However, Zigui was suppressed.
The Nine Sons Ghost Mother was both angry and worried.
This cast a shadow over her heart.
However, losing a child ghost only caused her to lose part of her vitality. With the invisible characteristics of the nine child ghost mothers, all the child ghosts could be lost, and they could be reborn from the ghost mother’s womb.
“For the present plan, we must quickly practice the Blood Soul Banner and form the Blood Soul Formation. Even if Dharma Master comes, I won’t be afraid of him!”
She looked at the ancient battlefield in front of her, and a large rain of blood suddenly flew out around her, but she saw the flags