spiritual treasures. One is the original Heavenly Emperor’s Seal, and the other is the top-grade innate spiritual treasure, the Heavenly Emperor’s Seal, which Zhang Jian sacrificed.

The two seals merged into one and became the innate supreme treasure, the Seal of the Heavenly Emperor, which contained the original power of all the voids and countless heavens.
It can be said to contain the power of all heavens.
With one blow, the Lingkong Mother Goddess was knocked back, which showed how powerful her original body was.
At this time, the Jade Emperor’s real body was sitting on the Miluo Taoist platform formed by the thirty-three-day Miluo array. The Emperor’s Divine Sword appeared in his hand, but he did not directly use long-range attacks to continue to consume the energy of the original saint. Dao Xing, but directly stepped forward with the sword.
Fight quickly while not giving the Goddess Lingkong a chance to become familiar with the thirty-three-day Miluo Formation.
The dazzling sword light formation erupted internally, as if each sword light could connect a series of forbidden methods, leveraging the gods to bless the Divine Sword of the Emperor of Heaven.
The sword light is dazzling, and it can easily cut through the various primitive secrets formed by the Lingkong Mother Goddess.
The two collided rapidly, and with the help of the large formation, the Jade Emperor actually gained the upper hand!
Sword rays swept across the sky, and the Heavenly Emperor’s Qi naturally emerged from them, assisting the swordsmanship to suppress Lingkong Mother Goddess. An unaware Lingkong Mother Goddess was immediately pierced by several sword rays on his wrist. Although he recovered immediately within a short time, he was still beaten. The Jade Emperor seized the opportunity, and the energy of the Heavenly Emperor around him continued to rise. Everything he passed was like a tornado, and nine magnificent dragon shadows hit the shoulder of the Goddess Lingkong from the side.
/The azure armor on the body of the Goddess Ling Kong burst out with layers of radiance, immediately blocking this power.
The azure armor on her body has extremely powerful defensive capabilities.
The gods could see that even with the help of the Thirty-Three Heavenly Milo Formation, it would not be possible to completely defeat the Lingkong Mother Goddess in a short time.
However, there is still hope for the Jade Emperor to defeat the opponent.
He possesses the personality of the Emperor of Heaven. This transcendent personality combined with the origin of the heavens governed by the heaven is enough to make his path endless. This is comparable to the original saint.
Secondly, the original rules of the void avenue of the heavens favored him, which was enough to make up for his shortcomings in spiritual awareness and Taoist heart.
The only flaw is the mysterious understanding of Yuanshi Avenue.
But we can still make up for it by relying on the advantage of the terrain.
Of course, the key is that the Spiritual Sky Mother God has also suffered some