d to take this opportunity to let Zhang Jian show off his skills, but in the end, he did this.

“This slick one!”
Zhang Jian also saw this scene and smiled slightly.
This ‘benefit fee’ gives immediate results.
The function of ‘money ability’ is very intuitive.
Zhang Jian’s eyes fell on the ministers below again, and he immediately issued a decree to confer titles to some of the Conglongzhichengs, including the old Taiwei Wang Huan and his son, a dual-state Duke, followed by Tingwei Wang Wan, Dingyuan Marquis Song Shang, Zhenbei Hou Anru was appointed, followed by close ministers including Zhang Lu, Zhao Qingshan, Song Yingzhen, Kou Huaisheng and so on.
After the canonization of everyone, the grand occasion in front of the Zen altar finally reached its peak.
At the same time, Zhang Jian issued an edict that a general amnesty would be granted to the whole country soon to show his benevolence.
/In the crowd, there was still a small group of people looking blankly at the many people who had dispersed. This small group of people were the remaining members of the Dagan clan.
Overnight, everyone changed from Tianhuang nobles to ordinary civilians, and they were ‘commoners’ under surveillance!
The leader of them is Wei Xi, the Zongzheng King of Wu. Although Zhang Jian has not issued an edict to strip him of his official position or title, Wei Xi knows very well that he, the King of Wu, may have come to an end.
Among the crowd, Taoist Dongjue looked at this scene and sighed lightly, but he was still somewhat relieved in his heart.
Emperor Xia at least left a way for the Daqian clan to survive.
It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t have a prominent status. At least his life is still there and the incense of the Wei family can be extended. This is much better than the former Shu royal family.
“My mana is returning!”
Next to him, Taoist Dongzhen’s joyful voice came.
Next to him, Dongxuan and several other guest elders also looked happy.
As Daxia re-accepted the Taoists of Dongshen Temple, the Dragon Veins of the Xia Dynasty entered Haojing City to occupy the Gan position, and everyone was once again protected by the Dragon Veins of the New Dynasty. All kinds of evils were shielded by the Dragon Qi and had a buffer.
Taoist Dongjue also noticed that the vague feeling of being locked in the void was disappearing, and she could already use Yin Shen’s magic power again.
/This feeling of mana recovery is so good.
The thick shackles on my body were finally removed.
This feeling even dispersed the melancholy in Taoist Dongjue’s mind.
She suddenly felt that there was nothing wrong with the establishment of the new dynasty.
At least it gave many monks in Dongshen Temple a glimmer of hope.
On the same spot, Taoist Jingming closed his eyes slightly. An invisible spiritual pressure flowed around him, and his magic power was filled. The Yin Shen was like a dusty pearl that regenerated its dazzling brilliance.
“It’s time to hit the fifth calamity of Yin Shen!”
At this time, Taoist Jingming’s eyes showed a strong brilliance.