ns and grandsons of the Poison Dragon Palace, and the so-called revenge of killing his son will be forgotten.

And also want to apologize.
And if the Poison Dragon Water God wins, the White Water Dragon Lord will not only apologize to the Poison Dragon Water God, but also give up the eight hundred miles of Baishui to the Poison Dragon Palace.
/If the eight hundred miles of territory were handed over, the Baishui lineage would be like a hole torn open in the heart!
This is actually a not very fair bet.
But it was helpless that White Water Dragon Palace was at a disadvantage facing the oppression of Poison Dragon Palace.
The situation is stronger than the people. If the White Water vein is unwilling to accept mediation and the two water veins collide, Bai Fury can severely injure the other party, but he may have to pay for it with his own life.
If it had been before, the staunch Bai Nu would never have accepted such an unfair gamble.
But now that he saw in Zhang Jian the hope of continuing to live and even transform into a dragon, he was unwilling to lose both sides with the poisonous dragon water god.
After hesitating for a moment, Bai Liying couldn’t help but said: “It’s just my father. My daughter has just entered the stage of fortune-telling and foundation building. I’m afraid she has failed her father’s trust!”
On the seat, Bai Nu was stunned for a moment, then looked at Bai Liying and laughed.
“Daughter, you don’t have to belittle yourself. Although your moral conduct is low, you are the Dragon King of Shuijing. With the blessing of a god, your moral conduct is actually comparable to that of a golden elixir-level immortal cultivator!”
“But you’re right, you just need to be prepared for this competition!”
“Father, do you have any other candidates?”
Bai Liying’s big and charming eyes were a little surprised.
Thinking about it carefully, her father only had four daughters. Her other three sisters had been married a thousand years ago and were far away in other water systems. There was no time to come back in ten days and a half.
After thinking about it, she is now the only direct descendant of Bai Shui’s lineage.
Lord Bai Shuilong glanced at Bai Liying, who was a little confused, shook his head and smiled.
“I’m talking about that boy from the Zhang family!”
“Brother Dao Zhang?”
Bai Liying was slightly stunned.
Bai Nu said with a confident smile on his face.
“Brother Zhang has that bright and mighty righteousness, which is enough to suppress many demons and ghosts. As long as those demons and ghosts are close, their thoughts will not work properly. Not to mention that he is also proficient in magic. He will definitely win this battle. !”
“The old witch will definitely lose!”
Bai Nu narrowed his eyes with a strong smile.
Bai Liying was speechless and said: “But it is not an agreement between the two dragon palaces. Only direct descendants of both parties can participate in these three competitions?!”
Bai Liying’s expression was solemn. Two immortal cultivators from the Dongshen Temple were per