ch instantly turned into a stream of light and suddenly struck towards the Bone Demon God deep in the void!

Chapter 843: A small test of one’s skills, the sword kills the leader
That is the top-level Xiantian Lingbao Mountain River Cauldron.
/It is said that the Nine Cauldrons cast by King Yu were refined after understanding the true shape of some of the Mountain and River Cauldrons.
Unparalleled gravity burst out from this innate spiritual treasure, knocking one of the weird bone demons away.
Part of its chest bones were shattered, but visible to the naked eye, a white light appeared above the big hole in the white-bone demon’s chest. Billowing innate essence overflowed from the depths of its heart, and the incomplete bones recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye.
This is the most powerful part of the Twelve Bone Demon God. Not only is his defense ability extremely strong, but his recovery ability is also extremely strong.
But in an instant, the bones of this white-bone demon god were suddenly torn apart by the human sword light flowing deep in the void.
Completely split in two.
Even the white bone heart in the body was split!
Xuanyuan Holy Emperor’s true body emerged behind the broken White Bone Demon God’s true body. Looking at the White Bone Demon God who was crawling on the ground at a very fast speed, he raised his sword slightly and saw a stream of magnificent dragon-shaped Primordial Immortal Light coming from him. It flows out all over the body.
His original personality carries a strong aura of the holy way.
It is mainly based on holy virtue, and it contains a layer of unknown mysteries of the imperial way.
The sword light bloomed, like the light of the beginning, shining all over the sky. Golden dragon-shaped sword lights emerged from the void, instantly shrouding the white-bone demon, completely annihilating it and turning it into nothingness.
/Deep in the void, Patriarch Yuan Chen saw this scene and heard a cold voice.
“It’s useless. The twelve Bone Demon Gods have the same spirit and branches, and have the same fate. As long as any one of the Bone Demon Gods survives, the other Bone Demon Gods will be resurrected soon!”
“Xuanyuan, you don’t have any chance at all!”
Hearing this, Holy Emperor Xuanyuan had a cold look on his face.
“Really? In that case, why do you interfere with my Taoist heart and try to buy time for the Bone Demon God to revive!”
As he finished speaking, the Xuanyuan Holy Sword in his hand made a sound like a dragon’s roar.
“All beings are united and united!”
The layers of sword light in his hand surged, and countless milky-white divine lights emerged from behind him, manifesting into the void of the sky. Countless human races united in their will to strengthen the human race, overcoming thorns and thorns, and the scene was blue and blue.
The aura of saintly virtue that permeated the Xuanyuan Holy Sword suddenly surged at this moment, and the magnificent human will emerged from Xuanyuan Holy Emperor’s body. The vast will filled the air along with the Yuanxian li