of miles, and destroying the entire Altar of the Stars.

The expressions of all the Star Lords changed drastically as they looked at this scene.
Just waiting for the terrifying sword light to dissipate, the stars turned from worry to joy.
/I saw that the shattered Altar of the Stars was rapidly reorganizing, like broken soil, it could still take shape after being kneaded, and there was a layer of acquired divine forbidden spiritual light flowing inside.
Above the sky, Mother Tree of Life looked at this scene, but her face changed drastically.
He actually refined the altar into an acquired spiritual treasure?
This result was something Mother Tree of Life never expected.
It’s just an altar. Most of it is temporarily refined and cannot be carried with you, because it needs to be refined with materials from your own heaven to pass the authorization of the heavenly defense system.
Is it worth spending such a price on a one-time magic weapon?
At this time, I saw a magnificent divine energy blooming from under the Gate of the Stars. That magnificent divine energy escaped. With the Nanming Divine State as the center, all time and space, destiny, five elements, and even all kinds of great power had a short time. of hysteresis.
And almost at the next moment, the face of the Tree Mother of Life above the sky changed, and an extremely luxurious divine sword passed through the void.
She was completely unable to resist, and the purple light cut off her true body in an instant, causing her to scream in extreme pain.
The wailing only lasted for a short moment, and the Pure Purple Personality of the other side of the Dao Fruit deep between the eyebrows had collapsed, and the True Spirit Brand was reduced to ashes.
This terrifying Mother of the Tree of Life was actually killed in front of her!
/Killing the Tree Mother of Life with a casual sword, completely annihilating her true spirit imprint in this world. At this time, Emperor Ziwei raised a palm, and the depths of his palm seemed to block out the sky and the sun. The face of the God of Destruction changed. , but in an instant, he felt that his whole body could not move, and his expression was horrified.
But in an instant, it turned into a dark red terrifying sun that expanded violently.
This time he did not try to attack Emperor Ziwei, but instead stepped into destruction on his own.
Chapter 693: The tripod changes the world and seizes the Nine Netherworlds
At the cost of destroying one’s own Dao Fruit, the power explodes dozens or even a hundred times.
A dark red torrent of destruction erupted from the place where his ancestor’s true form disappeared.
The entire Nanming Divine State’s billions of square kilometers of land seemed to be trembling at this moment. Zhang Jian felt that the earth was mourning, as if it would completely disintegrate in the next moment and be buried for the secret method of destroying the ancestor.
At the same time, Zhang Jian was slightly amazed by the determination of this ancestor of destruction.
Their steps into self-destruction m