riginal general outline of Heavenly Dao in the wilderness will naturally lead to getting twice the result with half the effort.

As Zhang Jian chose to retreat in Hanyuan Hall, immeasurable and magnificent divine energy bloomed in the direction of Hanyuan Hall, getting better and better day by day.
Forced to have no choice, the immortals and gods could only avoid the Emperor of Heaven and chose to hold discussions in the Ziwei Hall, a side hall.
But all the gods can sense and perceive the vast divine energy contained in the sky above Hanyuan Palace.
As if the heavenly realm of the Infinite Immortal Court is permanently stationed, divine power spreads out from the highest node, overwhelming the time and space of the Infinite Immortal Court.
The years pass by quietly.
After eighteen yuanhui.
In the Queen’s Palace.
Flowers are clustered in clusters, and countless exotic flowers and plants are taking shape on both sides of the steps of the fairy palace. White jade is the palace, fairy crystals are the steps, and the carved beams and painted buildings are all filled with incredible splendor and beauty.
Looking around, there are many precious innate spiritual roots in the palace.
These innate spiritual roots, the spiritual roots of heaven and earth, exude a strong fairy light, as if they have dispersed the auspicious clouds in countless immortal palaces and palaces. The auspicious energy and fairy light form a rainbow, covering many palace palaces.
There were many female fairies passing by in groups. They saw this strange sign, but they had already become accustomed to it!
Such extravagances all demonstrate the status of the lord of this fairy palace.
Ms. Qi was dressed in a gold and red palace dress, with a majestic look that conveyed the splendor of a mother to the world. Next to her were several other female fairies, including several princesses.
Among them was the young Princess Nanyang, Zhang Qiao.
Her face is vaguely similar to Queen Qi’s, and her face is also extremely beautiful and touching.
Dressed in green fairy clothes, she is extremely delicate and lively.
At this moment, Zhang Qiao casually picked up the innate spiritual fruits one by one from the stone table made of innate jade in front of her. Although she ate them very quickly, her posture was elegant and she did not hide her innocence.
Mrs. Qi looked at it and shook her head.
Among the many Zhang family’s children, this princess’s qualifications could only be considered above average, but she caught up with a good opportunity. During those years, the Great Xia Holy Dynasty was established.
With the luck of the country, no matter how ordinary or ordinary the qualifications are, they can become true immortals.
She followed Zhang Jian, the Holy King of Great Xia, as a heavenly being, and soared into the sky.
/At this time, Zhang Qiao felt the vast power of heaven emanating from Hanyuan Hall not far away, and couldn’t help but sigh.
“My father’s conduct is truly beyond our imagination. Even if we spend all our time, we may not have any hop