an just stay and be a witness!”

Upon hearing this, the smiling voice of the Taoist Yuyu opposite her sounded in her ears.
“Young lady Yuzhuo, you see clearly!”
“But if we want to compete for the essence and blood of the ancestral dragon, I am afraid that the family background of my Eight Desolate Dragon Clan is not enough. Although our Eight Desolate Dragon Clan are rich, I am afraid that they are far inferior to the Four Seas Dragon Clan in Heaven!”
Taoist Yuzhuo understood what Taoist Yuyu meant.
/I’m afraid I will resort to force in the end!
Yuzhuodaojun remained silent. This was also the thought that came to her mind after she appeared.
When it comes to wealth, in heaven, the Sihai Dragon Clan, which has inherited the wealth of the Ancient Dragon Clan, is the ‘big rich’.
Although the Four Seas Dragon Clan has not been as powerful as the major dragon clans from the Dragon Mother Palace in recent years, their ancestors are rich, and based on this alone, the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm cannot compete with them.
/At this time, I heard the majestic eyes of the Nine Heavens Dragon King passing over the crowd and said in a deep voice.
“Very good, since the essence and blood of the ancestral dragon has come to the world, we in the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm cannot miss it. I will personally take people into the Three Emperors Heaven Realm to participate in the competition, and we must bring the dragon clan’s treasure back to the Eight Desolate Dragon Realm!”
Hearing this, many dragon clan elders nodded.
However, after many strong men from the Dragon Clan branch left, the Nine Heavens Dragon Emperor left behind several Dao Lords from the Eight Desolations Dragon Realm for a secret discussion. Soon after, Dao Lord Yuzhuo also returned to the Jellyfish Dao Palace in the Earthly Immortal Realm to meet with Jellyfish. Empress.
In the Jellyfish Palace.
Jellyfish looks like a mature and beautiful woman. She has a beautiful face, but she is filled with a kind air, graceful and luxurious. She also holds several small dragons in her hands, some of which are slender and have a strong flow of blood on their scales. Innate appearance, the toes even have seven claws.
The innate heels and feet of these little dragons are completely different from other dragon clans. There are many innate Tao Qi faintly manifested in the innate atmosphere, and even the innate ancestral Qi is mysterious and has a slight resonance with the ancestral Qi of heaven and earth.
This is the heel of the innate gods.
The jellyfish queen said calmly.
“Yuzhuo, your guess is correct. The essence and blood of the ancestral dragon is indeed left by the Lord Dongcang, but you should not get involved in this easily. Its significance to the ancestral dragon is much greater than you think!”
“That Earth Emperor Daojun is a lucky one, and he managed to get rid of this big trouble!”
Taojun Yuzhuo frowned when he heard this.
“Master, but His Majesty Jiuxiao has decided to participate in it. I’m afraid he won’t listen to our persuasion! Master, do you have