s to fight to the end. If Sister Qing is injured and the situation is not good, it is conceivable that you will definitely escape with Sister Qing in your arms. There is no need to deny that you will definitely do that. Intersect Baibai Over the years, we have gotten to know you too well. “

A few words completely destroyed Wen Chonghua’s last vestige of will to survive. He slowly withdrew the true essence of the self-destructing golden snake. If it was just private attack by a few Zizuitian Peak masters, it would only take him more than 10 years to escape from the Ninth Peak. After supporting him for a while, he would naturally be protected by Yue Nu. However, if Yue Nu acquiesced in the execution, he would have tried his best to escape, only to receive Sister Qing’s heartless and decisive sword. Wen Chonghua would rather die here than go out and face Yue Nu’s ruthless sword light.
“Dang Cang” The evil sword Golden Snake, one of the famous swords in the world, was thrown away by Wen Chonghua casually. Since he knew that he would die, there was no need to let this old friend who had been with him for hundreds of years die together. “Come on.” Opening his hands, Wen Chonghua closed his eyes and waited for death, but in his mind he couldn’t help but think of the rainbow green light he saw when he was a boy, and the words he heard: “The qualifications are good. The golden snake sword will definitely not lose its luster in your hands.”
/Just for this recognition, hundreds of years of self-destruction and hard work, and the ruthless determination to slaughter the clan and exterminate the clan. Looking back now, is it worth it?
“It’s worth it, Sister Ruowu Qing. I was just a pawn of the Wen family who was killed by Xia Xueyi. After hundreds of years of following and waiting, I am actually very happy.” With this thought, Wen Chonghua, the leader of the fourth peak of Zi Zai Tian Gui Xinshu’s hundreds of heavy punches instantly exploded into sprays of flesh and blood all over the sky. All the remaining true energy and blood in his body were restrained by the strength of the fists, and were then swallowed up by Li Xuan who was behind him and had lost all sense.
/Li Xuan, who was in the initial stage of Buxu, instantly devoured Wen Chonghua, who was in the peak stage of Buxu. When his obsession with perseverance was satisfied, the black-red black hole suddenly spread and was about to explode. However, this is the moment that Yang Shengxie has been waiting for. The loss of combat power caused by Wen Chonghua’s death must be made up, otherwise the already low chance of winning the battle against God will be even lower. Gui Xinshu instantly killed Wen Chonghua who had given up resistance, and then used the power of his fists to forcefully pour his flesh and blood essence into Li Xuan’s black hole. The Dharma’s physical body has reached its relative limit. The black and red black holes continue to expand, tearing apart the surrounding space and causing a large area of ??space to collapse. If not stopped, a cosmic disaster no les