swept through the entire Fengyang County area. The majestic white water was also violently turbulent at this moment, and the entire lifeless shrine seemed to be suddenly resurrected at this moment.

The wind was blowing, but the next moment, raindrops were seen gathering in the sky.
Chapter 65: Qi luck condenses and Tao foundation appears
Raindrops started to appear!
In an instant, a continuous line of rain appeared under the dark clouds.
Heavy rains spread all over the dry land.
Inside and outside Fengyang County, the long queue of refugees seemed sluggish at this moment, and looked at the sky above them at the next moment!
Facing the rain curtain, the long official road suddenly turned into a sea of ??cheers.
“It’s raining?”
Inside and outside the Sheriff’s Mansion, many masters of the Sheriff’s Mansion who were gearing up at this time were also alarmed by the turbulent vision, and they all suddenly looked to the sky.
The next moment he walked out of the door quickly!
Even though they tended to take advantage of the drought to make profits out of chaos, when they saw the drought was resolved, their faces showed shock and joy.
One by one, they couldn’t help but put down their weapons, as if they were infected by the atmosphere in the city, and let themselves face the wash of the rain.
At the same time, Yu Tongguang and Qingyu Taoist walked out of the hall hand in hand.
Looking at the scene in front of them, the expressions of the two people changed.
Yu Tongguang stretched out an open palm to hold the raindrops dripping on the green tiles of the eaves, but his face was extremely gloomy.
“Qingyu, didn’t you say that when you look at the sky at night, there are no clouds or rain in Fengyang County for a short period of time? How do you explain this?”
Yu Tongguang looked at Taoist Qingyu angrily with a sullen face.
What made him angry was not that the Sheriff’s Mansion had miscalculated because of the rain, but more that Taoist Qingyu’s deduction failed, which might have fatal consequences for his series of actions.
“This is impossible!”
/Taoist Qingyu’s expression also changed continuously, but in an instant he looked into the depths of the dark clouds. Deep in the dark clouds, he felt a strong fluctuation of divine power, and at the same time, the surging power of the White Water God Priest in the depths of the white water also surged forward. , magnificent.
“Does the White Water Divine Priest have another owner?”
Taoist Qingyu was just stunned for a moment, and then he realized something. He raised his head and stared at the depths of the sky.
Especially looking at the majestic white dragon shadow that flashed away, the boundless fluctuations of divine power did not hide the domineering and strong power within it.
Looking at that terrifying figure, Mr. Qingyu’s hands and feet were cold.
That’s a dragon!
Lord Bai Shuilong!
“It’s over!”
This thought flashed through his mind for the first time.
Yu Tongguang noticed that Taoist Qingyu looked wrong, and quickly said in a deep voice: “Qingyu, wha