e a hollow formed by a huge purple-yellow fairy light, constantly swallowing this magnificent divine power of the dark moon.

He felt that if he continued to swallow like this, it wouldn’t be long before his Taoist Immortal Light would reach a slow-progressing upper limit again.
At the same time, under the light of this dark moon, the power of his Taiyin Form Refining Technique increased to an unimaginable level.
As if he was thinking, it was as if the infinite taiyin refining divine light flowed out from his body, freezing all the heavens and worlds.
Zhang Jian sighed.
Although he had touched Xuan Ming’s Winter God position before, it was indeed not as profound as the Ming Yue Emperor’s position.
/As he further controlled the power of the underworld Ming Yue, he sensed the whereabouts of the Ming Yue Emperor’s natal artifact, and as he thought, he saw the cold light flying out of the Ming Yue’s light.
The faint and cold light swirled in the void. Zhang Jian raised his hand and made a move, and the faint and cold light suddenly fell into the depths of his palm.
In Zhang Jian’s eyes, it suddenly turned into a moon disk.
The moon treasure wheel.
/Zhang Jian held it in his hand and felt the strange cold power contained in it. A majestic divine power poured into it and slowly penetrated it.
It’s just that this Ming Yue Bao Lun is of a high grade, and there is a huge surge of divine power within it. It is still slightly resistant to him, and it seems that it will take time to refine.
Zhang Jian directly surged a ray of power from the third-grade innate Lingbao Qinglian, which directly penetrated the core of this Shinto magic weapon, and then gradually mastered part of its divine power.
This is a level four eternal artifact.
Its power is undoubtedly extremely powerful, and it contains a variety of fourth-level eternal Shinto spells.
A smile appeared on Zhang Jian’s expression.
This fourth-level eternal artifact is very useful to him.
There are quite a few treasures on his body that are more powerful than the Moon Treasure Wheel, but most of them are too precious, or like two innate spiritual treasures that are expensive to use, so they can only be used as the bottom of the box.
This fourth-level eternal artifact is powerful enough and not so conspicuous.
After merging part of Ming Yue’s authority deep in the Ming Yue Treasure Wheel, Zhang Jian is preparing to enter Ming Yue Emperor’s Nether Ghost Kingdom in the Netherworld and completely take control of Ming Yue Emperor’s authority.
This is an extraordinary force that would be wasted if left unchecked.
In the netherworld, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, Taiyi the Suffering Heavenly Lord are all respected, and the Fengdu Emperor is also detached from the world.
Although these bosses have great authority, they do not actually hold the authority over the Netherworld.
The ten Netherworld Emperors are the actual controllers of the Netherworld Underworld.
Among the ten Nether Emperors, the ones with the highest status are the Yama Emperor of the Fifth Palace and th