he person you want, I will not refund the deposit of one hundred thousand immortal crystals!”

Zhang Jian had expected this and nodded immediately.
At this moment, the old Taoist is not weak in martial arts, and he is a famous Immortal of the Taiyi Sword Sect. He cannot find Judge Zhuyuan. There is no doubt that there must be a huge problem here.
This confirmed his suspicion.
This is a trap!
Zhang Jian was even more determined that the Incompetent Lord would not leave the Central Heaven Realm or the Three Emperors Heaven Realm easily.
If you want to go out, you must find the Holy Emperors of the Three Emperors Heaven Realm to help cover your whereabouts.
Zhang Jian glanced at this extremely cunning old man and immediately left Qianyuan Mountain.
Zhang Jian was about to enter the Three Emperors Heaven at this time.
/Calculating the time at this time, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Yi, Zhang Xian, and Ji from the Great Xia Dynasty should ascend to the Three Emperors Heaven one after another.
We must bring all the immortals over.
After borrowing the immortals, he can practice well and perfect his ancestral Qi foundation.
There are seven steps on the road from the Immortal God of Taiyi Dzogchen to the Tao Lord.
They are the transformation of the ancestral Qi Dao fruit, the evolution of the ancestral Qi foundation, the harmony of the Dao heart, the cutting off of fate, the return of the heavenly heart to the Dao, the realization of the Dao to see me, and the destruction of the Dao.
He has a unique background, although he has not taken the initiative to prepare.
But when you transform into a divine body, you have already directly crossed the first step to a certain extent and directly possess the Ancestral Qi Dao Fruit.
Now, the Ancestral Qi Dao Fruit is evolved and the Earth Emperor Treasure Wheel is perfectly formed, then the second step can naturally be completed.
Every time you complete a step, there will be a huge change in your own behavior.
Similar to how he condensed the Earth Emperor’s Ancestral Qi, the various immortal spells he performed, his own Taoism, and even his authority to dominate the laws of heaven and earth were far superior to those of ordinary Taiyi Dzogchen immortals.
If you complete the second step, your own strength will continue to rise.
In addition, during this trip to the Three Emperors Heaven, Zhang Jian also sought to integrate the Earth Emperor Ancestral Qi into the Three Emperors Heaven.
As a formal member of the Three Sovereigns and Five Elders Association, Zhang Jian believed that this would be much easier than in Heaven.
Three Emperors Heaven
It is still the land of Qingqiu.
In front of the Jiazi 13th Ascension Platform.
Zhang Jian’s figure appeared.
Before entering the place of request, he went to Qingqiu Palace to see Qingqiu Empress.
Then he went to the ascension platform.
This time he was not the only one who came, there were also Patriarch Chufa who practiced hard in Tongshan Taoism, and Patriarch Qingyuan.
Because this time, there are immortals from the Tongshan Taois