looks like the sun.

Zhang Jian can be sure that it must be a technique that can deal with Dao Lord level, or even block immortal gods above the Immortal Lord level.
There is no point in breaking in by force.
Moreover, Zhang Jian sneaked here essentially just to check the defense of the Eternal Ice Castle.
At that moment, he also gave up infiltrating and directly showed the Immortal Seal of the Eternal Ice Castle Lord.
A ray of fairy light is aimed at the eternal ice castle deep in the core of the forbidden law.
In the depths of the Eternal Ice Castle, a ray of guiding fairy light immediately appeared, speeding towards Zhang Jian, falling into Zhang Jian’s body, and leading him into the depths of the Eternal Ice Castle.
In the eternal ice castle.
The moment the Immortal Seal emitted fairy light, the garrison commander stationed at the Eternal Ice Castle, the current owner of the Ice Castle, immediately noticed it.
Deep in the ice crystal-colored ice castle, a middle-aged man with a thin body and thin hands, wearing an ice-blue robe, woke up from the guarding Tianjun Mansion. There was a drop-shaped ice crystal forehead ornament hanging deep between his eyebrows, and his eyes were dark. With a slightly inexplicable color.
“What is supposed to come will eventually come!”
He murmured, and in the blink of an eye he was adjusting his clothes, and at the same time summoning the many guarding gods of the Eternal Ice Castle to greet him before heading to the ice castle.
In front of the fairy castle made of ice crystals.
A magnificent celestial light flew down from the void and arrived in front of the celestial treasure in an instant.
In the fairy light, a fairy god with high spirits and chaotic air flowing around him stepped out. He was dressed in a green fairy robe with dragon patterns embroidered on it. His eyes were like stars in the sky, with sword eyebrows and starry eyes, and a headband that reached the sky. The crown will make people remember it at a glance.
In the distance, dozens of immortals and gods lined up in front of the ice castle. Seeing this scene, they immediately bowed and saluted.
“The twelve commanders of the Eternal Ice Castle garrison led by the Grand Commander of the Eternal Ice Castle, the Divine Power General Wu Chun, the Lingwu Immortal Officer Yuan Jiang, have met the Ice Castle Heavenly Lord!”
Zhang Jian looked at the group of immortals in front of him at this time, and the first person who caught his eye was Immortal Wu Chun.
Before entering the Eternal Ice Castle, Zhang Jian knew that the previous owner of the Eternal Ice Castle was Immortal Wu Chun.
Immortal Lord Wu Chun is also one of the two commanders of the 30,000 eternal heavenly soldiers in the Eternal Divine Realm. His conduct is not weak, and he is a powerful god of Taiyi Dzogchen.
This is a very senior immortal god.
After the previous owner of the Eternal Ice Castle resigned tens of thousands of years ago, Immortal Wu Chun has been in charge of the Eternal Ice Castle.
/The other great commander is Lingwu Immortal