the Dharma era. Zhu Peng plans to use these people to bear the early pressure. Even if they are pushed out one by one, they can last until the development plan of this century is truly formed.

It’s just that Zhu Peng, not to mention how many people in Hanshanyuan, can understand the twists and turns here, but they are vaguely aware of it. In the face of alien siege, who dares to jump out and accuse Zhu Peng of using a desperate strategy?
/At this time, Hanshan really needs strength. Even if they know that the opponent is throwing sugar-coated cannonballs, the monks in Hanshan Academy have to bite their noses and grit their teeth to admit it. Without this layer of ‘sugar-coated’, Hanshan Academy would not be able to withstand the ‘cannonballs’. explode.
Ye Xuancang, the cold commander of the North, watched quietly. He watched the Hanshan monks in the battle formation practice their sword formation together, using their strong strength to resist and even counterattack the attacks of the Zerg and wild beasts. The more they fought, the more excited they became, and the more they fought, the more morale they gained. healthy and vigorous.
But the high morale like fire did not blind Ye Xuancang’s eyes. He could feel Zhu Peng’s arrangement and the deeply hidden malice. He also knew that the blood reinforcements had taught him There must be hidden dangers in all kinds of military formations and combination attacks. Blood Soul Ridge will never be able to easily teach Hanshanyuan the foundation of a strong sect. However, he couldn’t say it, didn’t dare to say it, let alone stopped it. Firstly, Hanshan Academy really needed this power to strengthen its already greatly weakened strength. Although there was no news yet, Ye Xuancang could already feel the heartache and sadness. He didn’t agree with Cang Hanzi’s ambush plan against Zhu Peng. Secondly, he could only vaguely feel that there was a problem, but he could not tell where the so-called problem was. Even with his lofty status in Hanshanyuan, it is impossible for his disciples to give up the vitality and power at their fingertips for inexplicable reasons.
“In the earth star monk world, in the last three hundred years of the Dharma Age, countless master monks have emerged who have practiced combined attacks. They have nothing to do. Maybe, maybe I am really too worried.” Ye Xuancang said to himself in his heart, It can also be regarded as self-comfort.
However, he didn’t know that the formation attack masters of Earth Star for more than three hundred years were fine because their way forward had been cut off due to the severance of the immortal path. At that time, due to the intentional suppression of Gaia’s consciousness, the Earth Star monks could not No one can break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, and no one can break through. Naturally, the negative harm caused by the combination of formations and paths to the cultivator’s state of mind cannot be reflected. Therefore, in the Earth Star monk world more than three hundred years later, no one knows the da