dition’s luck is growing.

Not only the Demon Slayer Peak, but also the Qi Luck Lotus Ponds on the other peaks of the main veins have fluctuations in Qi Luck.
It’s just that the growth rate is not as fast as Demon Slayer Peak.
“It seems that the movements of the Demon-Slaying Junior Sister are faster than those of other senior brothers and sisters!”
His eyes were slightly happy!
Immediately his eyes fell on the center of the Luck Lotus Pond again!
But I saw another green lotus blooming forever in the middle area of ??the lotus pond in the central area!
But at this moment, I saw the black and red energy flowing around this green lotus, like countless black snakes!
This sight is shocking!
This lotus is called Wan Ling Jie Yuan Qing Lotus!
This is no ordinary Qiyuan lotus!
His sense of calamity has changed!
/Taoist Fuyou looked above his head at this time and saw countless black clouds as thick as mountains and black clouds!
Such a catastrophic aura makes people change their color!
/Fortunately, there are countless light pillars of luck rising into the sky below, supporting the dome!
There was also a sigh in Taoist Fuyou’s eyes, and he said silently in his heart: “I hope the ancestor will protect me and help all people survive this catastrophe smoothly!”
Chapter 443 High Profile
South Wuzhou, Wuxian Canyon
This place is a taboo place in Southern Wuzhou. It is adjacent to the main mountain range of Liangjie Mountain.
There are many barbarians all around.
These barbarians have been hiding deep in the mountains for generations. They have foreign blood, worship various primitive gods, and maintain many cruel habits. There are many heretics entrenched here.
Even immortal cultivators are not willing to approach this place easily.
The Wuxian Valley is even more taboo in this wild land. Many local savages and monks from the barbarian tribes are not willing to approach this place.
It is said that there are evil gods and evil ghosts occupying the place. If you break in, your soul will be taken away, making it difficult to escape.
Over the Wuxian Canyon, two figures emerged from the void.
Demon-Slaying Lord looked at the valley below and said with a smile.
“Ayu, here is the first portal of the Shura Demon Sect. It is up to you to take action and make a quick decision to avoid any complications!”
Zhang Jian just glanced at it and raised his eyebrows slightly.
“It seems that the Shura Demon Sect is quite good at the magic of witches, ghosts and evil gods!”
The Demon-Slaying Lord’s face was slightly solemn, she said.
“Not only are they good at it, they are also proficient in curses, puppets and many other magic spells. Ayu, you have to be careful to avoid capsizing in the gutter!”
Zhang Jian’s eyes moved slightly, and he raised a palm.
A ball of intense celestial pure fire emerged from the depths of his palm, and instantly transformed into golden firebirds.
Golden Crow fission method.
Under Zhang Jian’s urging, this second-level immortal technique was like eight or nine scorching suns being born in the