Chapter 001 Beauty, Eliza Lena

The time was December 21, 2012, and the location was the luxury villa area of ??Port X.
Zhu Peng, the general manager and largest shareholder of the Zhu Group, was leisurely tasting a glass of old wine with a slight amber luster in the home of his personal secretary. The old wine is good – the aged yellow rice wine is the best. Nourishing and aphrodisiac.
/Tonight’s heroine is still dressing up, and Zhu Peng is also happy to slowly savor the leisure time before the first big meal. Eliza Lena is an extremely beautiful French beauty. She is only eighteen or nineteen years old. It gives people a very cute and sweet feeling. Her deep, jade-like eyes and sweet expression combine to form a gentle and docile appearance. Her slightly reddish cheeks, sweet cherry mouth, and small, exquisite and upright nose form a enchanting girl with a beautiful face. .
Her charming peach blossom eyes make people feel that even if they take one look at her, they will be fascinated and inspired by her. Her pretty little nose is as flawless as white jade, and her lips as fresh as petals are so charming that people can’t stop. It creates a desire to taste.
It is because of the temptation of this desire that Zhu Peng, who has always been cold and capable at work, made an exception and hired her as his personal secretary, even though the job application resume clearly stated that this girl had just graduated from the “Junior Women’s University” and had no work experience at all. No.
/But what Zhu Peng is playing is a clean and fresh girl. If she had rich “work experience”, how could the billionaire Zhu Peng hire her as his personal secretary?
But compared to Zhu Peng’s obscene intentions, Lena, who just graduated from a girls’ school, is still a little too pure, even if Zhu Peng is this girl’s boss.
Even though Zhu Peng is young and handsome, has a successful career and is worth hundreds of millions in his prime, in daily work, it is okay for Zhu Peng to touch his little hands and buttocks to take advantage of it, but once it involves serious matters, the young man Lena immediately jumped away like a frightened deer, and then fled without a trace in front of Zhu Peng.
Although with Zhu Peng’s method, it is easy to force a girl to “do” something she doesn’t like to do yet, but Zhu Peng firmly believes that sex has its own rules, and firmly believes that the melon that is forced off is not sweet.
So, a long tug-of-war begins. On one side is the perfect boss who is a talented young entrepreneur with billions of assets, and on the other side is a young female student who has just graduated from a girls’ school and has never seen a few serious men.
The strength of the two sides was not proportional from the beginning. Although Eliza Lena’s will can be said to be firm, and although this girl is a bit pure and cute when it comes to relationships between men and women, Huang Tian lived up to his lust. Tonight’s Zhu Peng finally accepted Lena’s invitation and entered Lena’s private house, which he had been dreaming