filled with waves at this time.

Zhang Jian’s eyes moved slightly.
Facing Zhang Jian’s speculative eyes, Taoist Jingming said: “The defeat of the Shu Kingdom was due to greed. If it were not for the greed of the monarchs of the Shu Kingdom, who intended to unify the mountains and rivers and achieve the great cause of the ancient sage kings, the Shu Kingdom might not have perished!
For this reason, they have refined an ancient evil object in the dragon vein. If it is made into this object, it will indeed be able to restore the mountains and rivers and achieve the great cause of the Holy King! ”
Hearing this, Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated.
“Could it be”
Zhang Jian felt a sense of absurdity in his heart.
Seeing Zhang Jian’s expression, Taoist Jingming took a deep breath and sighed softly.
/“Xueshi Zhang’s guess is correct. After the defeat of the Shu Kingdom, the rare object fell into the hands of His Majesty the Great Ancestor of the Great Qian Dynasty and was not destroyed. His Majesty the Great Ancestor was wise and martial in his youth, and also decisive in his middle age. But in his later years, After all, he thought about it, and he left a will, asking my master and several other seniors to assist Daqian to complete these achievements and not to leave any regrets to the future generations!”
“So, it was that evil thing that caused the dragon’s veins to age prematurely, causing natural and man-made disasters to continue?”
Zhang Jian looked calm.
This is the dragon slayer finally becoming a dragon!
Taoist Jingming nodded silently.
Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated and he sighed softly.
“If a general achieves the goal of killing thousands of people, if he allows the Holy King to come to the throne at the cost of stealing human nature, it is not the right way. This method will definitely have a huge backlash, and the Qian Dynasty will be in danger!”
This is not Zhang Jian’s excuse.
The ancient saint kings who came to this world did not rely on their huge human merits and were recognized by countless people and even immortal cultivators.
They are not only emperors, but also saints.
Can you become an ancient holy king by relying on a magic weapon to dominate?
Zhang Jian has doubts in his heart?
This is not the way to be holy.
More like a heresy.
Zhang Jian’s eyes fluctuated and he asked. “Then does the Imperial Master know what this treasure is?”
There was a hint of speculation in his eyes. He had only made a slight contact with the deep part of the dragon vein that day, and he noticed that this thing was extremely ferocious, even more terrifying than the Demon-Slaying Demon-Slaying Immortal Sword of the Demon-Slaying Lord.
I’m afraid the background is shocking.
Taoist Jingming shook his head and said. “Pin Dao is not very clear as to what exactly is being refined in the dragon veins. Only Master and a few seniors know the basics.”
Zhang Jian glanced at it. He didn’t know whether Taoist Jingming’s words were true or false. Zhang Jian asked again.
“So this thing has been refined?”
Taoist Jingming didn