he slight sound of “squeaking” electric current is constantly tempering Zhu Peng’s own bones and Qi. Compared with the embarrassment when he first entered this formation, Zhu Peng at this time has been able to perfectly control his own Qi and Qi and the surrounding Yuan magnetism. The balance of power is gone.

Zhu Tiekai’s sixty-four iron mountain magnetic formations are rare treasure-level magic formations in this era that can promote the cultivation of monks. Apart from the extreme negative effects during operation, which are almost like torture, The replenishing effect in other aspects is almost perfect. These sixty-four huge pieces of stubborn iron are originally associated iron ores excavated from the spirit stone veins of the Blood Clan. Although they are not spirit stones, they contain The spiritual energy is not like ordinary spiritual stones, but the powerful spiritual energy contained in this stubborn iron cannot be stimulated and absorbed by ordinary monks.
Moreover, the conductive material of these huge iron ores is not very good and is not suitable for making killing weapons. It is a pity to discard them as tasteless food, just like the side of a chicken. Therefore, Zhu Tiekai, who had not gained power in the past, had the ability and power to take them as his own. At that time, Zhu Tiekai didn’t think much about it. He just wanted some iron stones with spiritual energy to temper the power of the iron evil palm. , so these sixty-four pieces of stubborn iron were placed in the underground stone chamber by Zhu Peng’s father, Zhu Tiekai. This slap took more than thirty years of beating and tempering. Perhaps even Zhu Tiekai himself did not know clearly. As he has been tempered by his nature and life over the years, the sixty-four pieces of stubborn iron associated mines that were originally useless have become completely different.
/At this moment, the sixty-four pieces of iron that make up the Iron Mountain Formation all belong to a very rare spiritual mineral “Yuanci Yanyang Iron” in nature. Every time a practitioner of Qi Refining strikes a palm, it will According to the strength of the blow, the corresponding power of magnetism and the energy of the flaming sun are stimulated. The power of magnetism tempers the bones, refines the body, and refines the pure energy. Although the operation is fierce, it is like torture, but as long as you grit your teeth and endure it, the benefits will naturally be there. Needless to say.
The Qi of Yanyang is a kind of mild spiritual energy that can absorb refining essence and improve cultivation just like normal spiritual energy. In addition to improving cultivation, it also has the function of nourishing the physical body more than normal spiritual energy.
Of course, these two abilities are not obtained out of thin air. A large number of spiritual stones need to be put into the formation for the sixty-four iron mountain formations to be finely ground and forged. Most of the spirit stone offerings were invested in it.
The predecessors planted trees, and now Zhu Peng