ce and tranquility of mankind on earth.

It’s just useless to think about this matter. Zhu Peng stretched out his palm familiarly towards the crystal black crystal plate, and kept clicking and sketching. After a while, pieces of light silver slowly appeared on the crystal plate. Light writing.
Firmament·Measuring Ruler of Heaven
Host: Zhu Peng
Cultivation: Second level of clear breath
Monk rank: Taoist soul boy
/The skills and techniques practiced: Zhu Family Health Preservation Techniques (Basic Mental Techniques) Zhu Family Basic Sword Techniques (Basic Sword Techniques)
/A few lines of very simple handwriting contained nothing but the rank and ability represented by Zhu Peng himself. But this is not because the sky and the ruler of the sky are not good, but because Zhu Peng’s own power is too poor. In the End of the Dharma era, monks were divided into Taoist soul boys and lower-level souls based on their actual combat power and battle deeds. There are several levels of masters, intermediate level demon mage, superior demon-subduing heavenly master, elite dangtianren and Taoist immortal master who represent the family inheritance.
After all, in this Dharma-ending era where the spiritual energy of heaven and earth is severely lacking, monks all over the world are basically stuck at the level of Mingxi Qi Refining. It is difficult to have an overwhelming absolute advantage in terms of cultivation, and then they measure each other based on their meager cultivation. It would be too embarrassing to lose one’s status.
Chapter 026: Foresight and thoughtfulness
As for the Dao Sect Soul Boy Mingxi Level 2, his cultivation and rank represent the lowest level of monks even in this Dharma-ending era. Even among his peers, the current Zhu Peng is not an outstanding existence, at least Zhu Peng Peng can be sure that Su Yu, who is regarded as the pride of heaven and very hard-working in the cultivation of Qi, is now at least the level of the lower-level Lingtai master. After all, in the past days, the level of hard work between the two was completely different. The same cannot be said.
However, the Sky Measurement Ruler is accompanied by the higher the host’s cultivation level, the more effective its effect and power can be. For the lowest level of rubbish monk, it is already good that the Heaven Measurement Ruler is willing to measure and read out basic information for you. Well, as long as Zhu Peng improves his practice intensively in the future, not to mention these most basic ability data, it is the detailed plan of the cultivation progress, the tendency of the cultivation system, and the ruler of the sky can also give you clear data to measure it, so that Zhu Peng can Understand yourself more clearly.
Don’t underestimate the clarity and clarity of these simple words. How many monks have died or even lost their souls because they couldn’t understand themselves or others.
Holding the measure of heaven that he had obtained more than thirty years in advance for nothing, Zhu Peng giggled and began to calmly describe th