an feel the great suction force from the void. The clouds where it is located and the clouds in the sky are almost completely covered by the black hole. The purple hole was drained in a very short period of time.

But even so, the violent and majestic purple flames were still rushing outwards, and Zhu Peng not only gave an order, but suddenly shot out several sharp sword energies from the purple-gray hollow, and all those radiated by the sword light Qingcheng cultivators instantly exploded into blood mist in mid-air.
Among cultivators, if the cultivation level is one level higher, the combat effectiveness will be extremely different. To the low-level cultivators, the high-ranking cultivators will be a one-sided massacre, cold and cruel.
Zixiao Yinyan has a certain ability to control time and space. Zhu Peng used all his strength to emit Zixiao Yinyan, trying to escape from the purple-gray space wormhole, but he was the most powerful purple fire covering his body, and the most He could only hold on until half of his body came out of the hole. Shooting a few sword energy was already the limit. Zhu Peng even felt that the adsorption force of the hole behind him was getting stronger and stronger, and the surrounding space was obviously distorted. The crisis was gradually getting worse. It has exceeded the limit of the space-time power controlled by Zixiao Yinyan.
It’s just that Yu Canghai was defeated, and Qingcheng’s total defeat was irreversible. Those Huashan monks who were hiding in the dense forest and were still watching saw Yu Canghai’s defeat. They also shot out like fish when they saw Yu Canghai’s defeat. They are more aggressive and difficult to deal with than real sect cultivators when they are on the upper hand. One of their professional characteristics is the label of “adding insult to injury”.
Yu Canghai was really defeated. At the last moment, Zhu Peng used Zixiao Yinyan and Iron Evil Magnetic Light to blast into his body. He had to shed three layers of skin even if he didn’t die.
/At the last moment, he did not think about saving himself, but instead used all his strength to activate the Heart-Destroying Palm. Under the backlash of the true energy, the injuries suffered were aggravated, so he really couldn’t take care of the Qingcheng Sect. Just this battle would save the Qingcheng lineage for a hundred years. It is difficult to regain one’s strength within a certain period of time, so it is reasonable to seal the mountain due to the situation.
It’s just that Zhu Peng’s situation is no better than him. The purple-gray hole behind him is getting bigger and bigger, and it is obvious that it will not stop until it swallows him, the resister.
Zhu Peng thought for a while, and suddenly threw the Shura gourd from his waist. Bai Ling twisted in the air and tried to struggle, but the Shura gourd itself was restrained by Zhu Peng. When she broke free, Zhu Peng had already given up. Resist and let the “time and space wormhole” swallow you up.
Anyway, I can’t resist. Rather than being dragged in after being e