ement spreads in the future, both Zhu Peng and Su Wenshe will become famous.

The moment Zhu Peng and Hong Yu escorted Su Wenshe into the camp, the morale of the entire camp suddenly soared. Not only because of their outstanding achievements in killing four high-level enemy monks, but also because of the outside world. The arrival of reinforcements.
Although there were only a few blood monks who followed Hong Yu into the center of Lingwu Lake, these few people were enough to spread the news of the approaching reinforcements to the whole camp. These few people, at this moment, are both Motivation is also hope. The morale of the entire traveling barracks, which was sluggish, suddenly revived.
“Junior brother, in order to advance the team as quickly as possible and rescue Master Su, we first used coercion to seize Yin Jizhu’s jade talisman military power, and used the elite monks of Kuji Sword Sect as vanguard arrows. Finally, we used them as bait to create Our chance to break through. All kinds of plans were carried out. Although Master Su was successfully saved, it also made the young elite of Kuji Sword Sect almost dead. There is not even one out of ten. This matter is not easy to handle. Let’s take advantage of it now. It hasn’t happened yet, so we have to think of a way to deal with it quickly. The anger of Master Kuji and the family’s senior officials is not easy to deal with.”
/Different from the excitement of the entire camp, in a tent, Hongyu whispered to Zhu Peng worriedly. Over this period of time, she herself had been completely tied to Zhu Peng for various reasons.
Chapter 198: The weak and the strong, the strong and the strong
This allowed her to have great achievements in battle and perform brilliantly, but she also attracted many opponents and enemies, such as the top monk of Kuji Sword Sect, Master Kuji.
But compared to her anxiety, Zhu Peng seemed a little careless. He lifted the tea cup lightly and tasted it slowly, showing his incomparable leisurely calmness.
In the faint scent of tea, Zhu Peng slowly thought about it and carefully figured out something. “That’s not right, is this the level of the ninth level of Qi refining?” Thinking back to the high-level monks he met today, although he had not fully fought with each of them, Zhu Peng was not someone who had never seen a master in the world.
Thinking back to the Blood Soul Ridge, the Li family’s elder, Poison Dragon Son Li Zhe, acted with ease and ease. Thinking about Su Wenshe’s majesty and majesty when he challenged everyone to kill and the fierce battle was going on, Zhu Peng felt more and more that he was also a monk who had reached the ninth level of Qi refining. , but in comparison, the masters from several parties are far apart in terms of cultivation and combat power.
“There must be some secret that I don’t know about. Such a huge gap in combat power cannot be easily explained by external factors such as experience and skills. The most important thing is that the cultivators from the Three Clans Alliance , it seems that there is so