changed with them and climbed up to Iveco in the rain.

changed with them and climbed up to Iveco in the rain.
Jing Longxiang looked around and murmured: “We’ve arrived in Tianshun City. He should be from the Tianshun City Bureau.”
“It doesn’t look like we can go to Dongping.”
As soon as He Jie finished speaking, the provincial department car turned on its double flashes. Make a U-turn from the front and turn onto the highway.
Regardless of whether you are hungry or not, you must follow the leader.
Just as he asked his subordinates to turn around and follow him, the Iveco police car followed slowly, sandwiching his car in the middle, and headed towards Dongping.
Is this a rendezvous with comrades transferred from the Tianshun Municipal Bureau?
Just when He Jie was puzzled, Deputy Captain Li Shuo of the Economic Investigation Detachment of Tianshun City Public Security Bureau was sitting in the Passat police car of the provincial department and said excitedly: “Commander Sun, don’t worry, the cars behind are all full of people.” All the comrades who participated in the investigation of the major fraud case in Fengyi County have been to Dongguang, and three comrades have also been to Hong Kong with Deputy Director Wu and Director Han.” ”
Okay, what we need are these experienced soldiers and generals. By the way, has the confidentiality discipline been announced?”
“It has been announced. The leader of our bureau personally explained it.” ”
It’s enough. It’s a major matter and confidentiality work must be done well.”
Although I don’t know what task force was assigned to it, But the transfer of more than a dozen people at once, and the explicit request to transfer comrades who had participated in the investigation of a major fraud case in Fengyi County, shows that the superiors attach great importance to the economic investigation detachment of the Tianshun Municipal Bureau.
Unit honors and personal honors complement each other. As the leader of the team, Li Shuo was very excited and couldn’t help but ask: “Commander Sun, can you reveal what the case is?”
He had to keep it secret from others, and there was nothing he couldn’t say to him, because after receiving He will be on his own when he comes down.
/Captain Sun took the cigarette and asked with a half-smile: “Comrade Li Shuo, how much was the amount involved in the fraud case you investigated under the leadership of Comrade Han Bo years ago?” “More than
90 million, less than 100 million.”
” I can tell you clearly that the amount involved in the next case to be investigated is more than 20 times that of last year.”
“So much!”
“Well, but the situation this time is different from last time. Your main job is not to recover stolen goods. Instead, we rushed to Dongguang and with the help of our colleagues in Dongguang, we traced how the funds involved in the case flowed into Hong Kong. To put it bluntly, we were investigating underground banks. ”
No diamonds, no porcelain work.
Li Shuo felt really unsure about investigating such a case and hesitated to speak.
How could Captain Sun not kn