pressure on him this time, and your brother agreed because he couldn’t stand it anymore, otherwise he wouldn’t have started to mobilize at this critical moment.”

Xu Yao was completely convinced. She nodded her head and said, “Everyone says that Sister Lan is very good, but I don’t know why I always feel a little unnatural when I see her.”
Wen Liang didn’t dare to let this little girl go. After thinking about it, he put a chopstick of radish into her mouth and said with a smile: “Radish can help you gain weight. Seeing that you are so skinny, eating more is good for your health.”
Xu Yao’s expression on eating radish was worse than drinking traditional Chinese medicine. He swallowed the last sip pitifully, picked up the tea and took two sips, then stared at Wen Liang and pretended to be sad, and said: “Yes, compared with your Teacher Ye, a little girl like me can’t stand it anymore.” I’m stupid and ugly, no wonder people dislike me.”
/The happy Xu Yao can always bring greater happiness to others. She smiled gently and said: “What gossip have you heard again? Ye Yuting is my class teacher, so you can’t just joke around. ”
No gossip, but I heard many boys in the class discussing Teacher Ye privately, saying that she has a good figure and so on.” Xu Yao didn’t know what she thought of, and a blush flew up on her pink face, turning pale. Wen Liang glanced at him and said, “Bah, none of you boys are nice!”
/Wen Liang said without changing his expression, “Is Mr. Ye in good shape? I haven’t noticed it. I must take a closer look in class tomorrow.”
“Okay. , be sure to read it carefully, and give me an 800-word speech when you come back, so that I can learn more.”
The time together is always short. The two of them are sometimes playful, sometimes playful, sometimes quiet, and most of the time they are looking towards each other. When the dishes are placed on the plate and the chopsticks touch each other in the air, there is a slight smile between the gazes.
That kind of warmth, that kind of tacit understanding, that kind of ignorance, that kind of joy only belongs to young men and women of this age, and only to the regretless youth of this age.
But young people will grow old, youth will eventually fade away, and memories will become blurry shadows in the ups and downs and hardships of life. In this troubled world, people who love each other never stay together, and people who know each other cannot stay together. The pink letter, the green first love, and the face that I thought I would never forget have all turned into a sound ten years later. Sigh.
Love or not love, there is never an answer.
Finally after finishing the meal, the two of them walked out of Xiangji Kitchen. Xu Yao stopped, turned around and looked at Wen Liang, and said softly: “It’s been a long time since the two of us had a meal together, silly boy, I’m very happy tonight. ”
Wen Liang smiled, took out a bracelet of Buddhist beads from his pocket and put it on Xu Yao’s wrist, and said: “The one we asked for from Lingguang Temple, accordi