face was swollen, but he did not dare to resist anymore.

face was swollen, but he did not dare to resist anymore.
Wen Liang kicked the four of them one by one on the buttocks and told them to get lost. The four of them got up and limped outside. When they arrived at the door, the hegemonic man turned around and said fiercely: “Boy, wait until you are ready, don’t run away if you have the guts!”
Wen Liang pretended to chase after them, but the four of them ran away with a crash. Xu Yao didn’t take this seriously. She had been practicing boxing since she was a child, and she had fought more fights than Wen Liang in his entire life. She just picked up the ball and started playing with it. Ning Xiaoning suddenly stood in front of Wen Liang, her pretty face flushed, and she said coldly: “Thank you!”
/She knew that Wen Liang was not a troublemaker, but he could fight for her, and he also took her mood into consideration, and went out of his way to After slapping that person, she felt this kind of concern that she had never felt except for Xu Yao.
Wen Liang smiled slightly, and the ordinary boy looked a little brighter: “You’re welcome!”
Xu Yao and Ning Xiaoning were sitting on the ground next to them, drinking water. Wen Liang was practicing fixed-point shooting alone. Serious people are the most attractive. The 16-year-old boy was meticulous in his movements, and there was water on his short black hair from time to time. The beads flowed down his cheeks and fell to the floor with a splat as the boy took off. Xu Yao touched Ning Xiaoning and chuckled: “What are you looking at? Ning Ning, do you think this guy is a little different now?”
Ning Xiaoning nodded and suddenly said: “Yao Yao, tell me what happened after you met. Tell me more about it, I haven’t heard much before.” Xu Yao had already told Ning Xiaoning about everything after meeting Wen Liang, but at that time Wen Liang was completely illusory, and Ning Xiaoning didn’t pay much attention to it. , just investigated Wen Liang with a responsible attitude towards Xu Yao, and then the subsequent testing incident happened.
Xu Yao stared at Wen Liang’s back, with a slight smile on her face, and said: “That day I went to No. 7 Courtyard to find Aunt Yun, and I happened to meet a silly boy jumping around in the bright sun.”
/Xu Yao’s His voice was soft and sweet, as if he was reminiscing about it, and he seemed to be talking in his sleep. When he talked about the gangster incident in the jewelry store, there was fear in his eyes. When he talked about playing by the reservoir, his cheeks were stained with a faint blush. That day The two of them let go of the handlebars from the top of the mountain and faced the wind, like two streams of light engraved in this colorful season, forever.
Ning Xiaoning looked at the simple Xu Yao and suddenly felt melancholy in her heart. Then she thought about the Gu family shamelessly pushing Gu Wenyuan into class seven, and her elders seemed to be happy to see it happen, and she felt even more upset. In the eyes of most people, Gu Wenyuan has a handsome appearance, a slender figure