” Ji Su said. He touched his delicate forehead, stepped aside, and said, “Come in, welcome!”

” Ji Su said. He touched his delicate forehead, stepped aside, and said, “Come in, welcome!”
Wen Liang entered the living room and whispered, “I’m actually here to see your mother. Is she asleep?”
Ji Su was a little confused. , but without thinking too much, he led Wen Liang to the bedroom and said, “She just took some medicine and she shouldn’t have fallen asleep yet. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”
Wen Liang forced a smile and said: ” It’s okay. I haven’t seen you for a long time. It’s time to come and see Aunt Su.”
Ji Su turned her back to Wen Liang, but her face was a little hot. Wen Liang’s words made her think a lot for a while. What kind of relationship does it take? Should I come and see my mother?
Her heart suddenly beat a little fast!
Su Rui was half lying on the bed in the bedroom, her face less rosy than usual due to the cold, and a little sickly pale. Her long black hair was casually pulled to the right side, and then hung straight to her chest, exposing the woman’s softness. Combined with the elegance of women, she is still so beautiful and moving. Ji Zheng was able to finally win the beauty back, which can be regarded as a successful counterattack against the goddess.
However, Su Rui’s health never seemed to be in good shape. The last time Ji Zheng had an accident, she almost collapsed due to the pressure. She went to the hospital for a few days of intravenous fluids before she recovered. At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, the weather changed and she immediately couldn’t bear it again. .
“Mom, who do you think is here?”
Su Rui was flipping through a magazine in her hand. When she heard Ji Su’s voice, she raised her head and looked over. Wen Liang stood at the door and said with a smile: “Hello, Aunt Su, I heard from Ji Su that you were sick, so I came here to have a look.”
Ji Su was only happy to hear such a lie, and would not be bored to expose it. Her big tender eyes glanced at him quickly, and then hurriedly avoided it again. Let’s go. Su Rui knew her daughter very well, but she couldn’t help but smile knowingly when she caught her subtle little move. She was able to choose the penniless Ji Zheng among so many suitors. She was not a very traditional person at heart, especially for My daughter is full of confidence, so she doesn’t care about the younger girl’s ignorance.
Who doesn’t have a good time when they are sixteen or seventeen years old? A little heartbeat and a little affection for an outstanding boy will be very beautiful memories in the future. But she should still take some time to have a good chat with her daughter. Su Rui had this thought in her mind. She put down the magazine in her hand and sat up a little. The collar of her white plaid pajamas revealed a little bit of snow-white skin, which was nothing like this. The moisture that comes with age.
/Wen Liang stood with his hands tied and behaved very politely. Su Rui lifted the quilt and was about to get out of bed. She said enthusiastically: “Wen Liang is here. You haven’t eaten yet. Aunt