ad the habit of not locking her bedroom door when sleeping. If Ma Liting is fast asleep in bed, then her guess is correct. If not,

ad the habit of not locking her bedroom door when sleeping. If Ma Liting is fast asleep in bed, then her guess is correct. If not,
/Li Junhua shook his head and found that he did not dare to think about it anymore.
Arriving at the door of the bedroom where Ma Liting slept, Li Junhua pressed his chest, expanded his chest, and took a deep breath. The moment he pressed the doorknob, his heart seemed to be equipped with a motor, and he felt like it would jump out the next moment!
The door was pushed open silently. Li Junhua held his breath, crept in like a thief, and slowly came to the bed where Ma Liting was sleeping.
no one!
The bed was empty except for a towel that had been lifted!
“Wang Bo, Ma Liting, they, how could they, how could they do that and when did they start?” At
this time, Li Junhua stood motionless beside Ma Liting’s bed, his head was like a mess, completely confused; It also looks like a spice jar that has been smashed and mixed together, with mixed flavors. Shock, fear, shame, and inexplicable anger filled her entire chest, making her breathless and shivering. The temperature in the room seemed to have dropped by ten degrees!
With a feeling that was completely indescribable, Li Junhua moved slowly, exited, and gently closed the door again.
/Standing at Ma Liting’s door, the corridor on the left is the door leading to her bedroom, and on the right is Wang Bo’s bedroom door. Behind the door, the most primitive fierce battle of mankind is being staged. She was once familiar with it, and she was once obsessed with it. The deepest and most passionate scene between a man and a woman who extricate themselves. However, this memory is too far away. Ever since her ex-boyfriend Huang Bing was kicked to death for helping a friend in a fight two years ago, the happiness she once had has left her.
One step, two steps,
three steps. After three steps, Li Junhua finally came to the door.
Li Junhua felt that he should go back to his bedroom immediately and bury himself in sleep. Whether the two of them are having an affair or having sex, it has nothing to do with her and it’s her shit? Both of them are adults, and you and I are willing!
However, the footsteps walking to the left could not move. In the dark night, there seemed to be a transparent and invisible thread, dragging her to the right. As a result, Li Junhua felt like he had become a puppet. Slowly and by mistake, he moved step by step towards the door on the right that seemed to have infinite magic power.
In the past, it was very comfortable for Ma Liting to put on makeup in front of a small mirror and dress herself up beautifully.
In this silent night, even if you are just standing at the door, the woman’s voice is deep and suppressed, high-pitched and low-pitched, the moans and gasps that can make people sick to the bone come out from the crack in the door. It was also extremely clear to Li Junhua’s ears. From time to time, there was a thick roar like a man pulling a bellows, and even occasionally, “pia/pia/pia” could be hear